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*Jason Gavadza and **Bernadette Gavadza
*Sales Representative, **Sales Representative

Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty Inc, Brokerage
Independently owned and operated

Lower-624 King St West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M7
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Following a year of listing and unsuccessfully selling my home, I decided to sign with Jason and Bernadette Gavadza based on a very strong referral from a good friend.  What I have to tell you next is nothing less than a success story. Within two days my home had multiple offers and within the week the house was sold firm for 99% of asking price.  


Every detail from minor to major was handled with integrity and the perfect balance of business professionalism and heart. From when we prepared to list, listing, selling and then looking for my new home, I knew I was in good hands from start to finish.


Thank you Jason and Bernadette, it is without hesitation that I write this referral and send along with it my very best wishes for success in the years to come.


Very sincerely,



Marina C.



We discovered the talented Jason Gavadza through a home buyerʼs seminar and have not regretted a single moment of choosing him for our real estate agent.  Jason was a dream come true for us as first-time home buyers.  He made the entire experience as smooth as possible from the moment we met until the deal was done and beyond.   Jason was very professional and honest with all and any questions we had.  We had an idea of what we were looking for as we were just starting our family and his own research along with our own led us to the exact home we were looking for and could afford.  We were even in a multiple offer situation and Jason did not let us down for a moment that we would be the ones with the best offer.  Only an agent with his expertise and experience could possibly assist us in a nerve-racking experience such as that.  He was always on our side and did not disappoint us for a moment throughout the whole experience.  If you want an agent that will tell you the truth at all costs, make the whole experience simple and gives you laughs along the way, you cannot go wrong with choosing Jason Gavadza.  He is a true champion in our hearts as well, not just for football!  Jason and Bernie will always be our number one choice for our future real estate needs.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our experience!


Best regards,

Bill & Eleni K.


  "On behalf of the Etobicoke/York Branch of the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto we thank you for helping families in difficult times. Your generosity is an example of the true spirit of Christmas.

God Bless You! "

-Martha & Catherine


"Dear JG,

Thank you for addressing our junior students today. Your colourful stories and strong message were a refreshing treat both for staff and students.

It is people like you, people who are generous with their time and talent, people who care about giving back to society and building society that make us proud to know you as both a friend and colleague. You are a true teacher of the spirit.

Continue to inspire, Jason. "
-Your students and friends at James Culnan Catholic School

Dear Jason,

On behalf of Rachel and myself, thank you for your dedication and hard work you put forth when it came time to finding us our first home. This was a totally new experience for us and we really had no knowledge about real estate or what was involved in buying a home. You answered ALL of our MANY questions and really made us feel like we were in good hands.
Your patience never grew thin with us – even after looking at countless potential listings and firing questions at you left, right and center. Your “Prospect Match” emails that we received daily proved to be highly effective and really made the whole experience fun. I have spoken with other new home owners who have said the process was stressful, extremely time consuming and they felt as if they were doing all the leg work. I can honestly say this was not the case with you. In fact, sometimes I felt like I wasn’t doing enough!
Once again Jason, we would like to thank you very much for making us feel like we were your only clients, your flexible schedule and for making us laugh along the way. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who’s interested in buying any property. Your negotiation skills along with your knowledge are two key attributes you possess that are rare to find together in any person. We wish you all the best and would love to have you and your wife over to see what we’ve done with our place. We love it!

All the best,
Ryan and Rachel aka the Proud new home owners.





"Finally, we have moved to our new home . Thank you very much for all your efforts. My whole family is so excited, we feel like finally we are controlling our own destiny. Thank you for staying with us through the long and sometimes tiring journey. We still have your referral in mind. We haven't fully settled done yet, (some boxes aren't even unpacked yet.) Once everything is in order we will invite some friends over and tell them about you.

May God bless you and be with you. "

-Emmanuel, Millicent and the family



"We started our home search with Jason in December 2006, after we had already been looking for several months in the tough Toronto market. As first-timers we were inexperienced, not to mention indecisive about whether to keep searching for that elusive “perfect home” or settle for a condo. As it turns out, we couldn't’t have asked for a better agent.

Jason understood our dilemma and gave us great advice, ensuring that we’d be ready to make a move once we found the right place. He knew the market and knew what we were up against, but was always encouraging and never gave up. We were amazed at his hard work, delighted by his sense of humour, and impressed with his dedication.

Even when things looked bleak, we were confident that Jason was looking out for our best interests, and he proved it! After five months of searching, seeing many homes go out of reach through multiple offers and bidding wars, we were ready to put an offer on a tiny house with no basement just to get it over with.

We might have been willing to settle for less, but Jason wasn’t! He suggested we take another look in the East End and see a few houses that weren’t holding off offers, and lo and behold, he found us exactly the place we were looking for, which we ended up buying for less than the asking price.

Now we recommend Jason to everyone we know, and needless to say, if we’re ever in the market again we’ll call him right away!

Satisfied clients for life, "
-David & Christa P

We first met your team in Nov 06 at a first time home buyers workshop. My fiancé and I were both nervous and excited, as we knew very little about the real-estate market and the process of buying a home. That night after the workshop we started to feel better, questions and concerns had been answered. We felt that we did belong in the market and could really start to look for a home.

About a month or so later we arranged to meet with a member of your team. The person you chose for us was Jason Gavadza. We remembered him speaking at the workshop. Jason quickly made us both feel very comfortable. Jason was honest, straight forward, very professional and always on time. Jason also held an air of confidence that we knew, could only benefit us when it came down to negotiations

Shortly after working with Jason we were ready to place an offer on a house. Our first offer and we got the house. Now we are waiting to move into our home and the whole process with the help of Jason was made very easy and stress free.

The real estate market can be a very intimidating experience, but with the right person it can become a fun, exciting and educating process that leaves you with a feeling of empowerment. For us, Jason Gavadza was the RIGHT person!

Thank you Jason Gavadza.

Sincerely, "

-Damian C and Liana P



"By the way, we received a very thoughtful card from the you and Bernie. THANK you very much for the engagement card. You have both been such a pleasure to work with. The process has had its ups and down by we have never felt like your 'clients', which made such a difference for us in this experience.

We hope that you know how much your guidance during this time has been such a help to us. We are greatly appreciative. "

-Marisa & Andy


We would like to let you know how pleased we were with the service that was provided to us by Jason Gavadza.

As first time home buyers, we were intimidated by the process at first, but from the first meeting with Jason, he eased our minds and we knew he was the right agent for us.

Jason learned our needs and preferences very quickly. He drew our attention to any shortcomings that he noticed in a house and was very thorough at examining houses.

We appreciated his prior research on the houses we visited and his professional opinion on the value of the houses in the area. Jason also has an upbeat, positive personality and was always interested in us as people (not just clients) as well, so this made looking for houses a positive experience for us.

When we did decide to put in an offer, we were pleased with his research on the value of neighbouring houses and the price he offered. Even the listing agent was impressed with his professional manner and commitment to his clients!

However, his commitment did not stop at the offer, he has continued to offer us information on financing, lawyers, the things to do before the closing, etc.

Overall, having Jason as our agent has been a wonderful experience. We have already recommended him to several of our friends that are looking for houses, and we would definitely use his services again in the future.

We should also mention that Bernie was wonderful the evening she took us to showings. She is also a very caring and friendly person who picked up on our likes and dislikes very quickly.


-Sue H and John E


"When I started to look for my first condo, there were several buyers agents that I had consulted with in regards to what I wanted in a home, but each and every one of them told me that what I was looking for wasn’t possible. I was frustrated and my faith in agents became so little that I considered buying on my own.

However, when I saw the ad for a real estate knowledge seminar, I thought I’d give it a shot. The class was extremely informative and all the agents there seemed to know what they were talking about in regards to buying and selling properties. They also seemed to play off each other which definitely showed them off as a team.

Jason was referred to me and from the get go, he was professional and extremely warm and friendly. The aspect I really appreciated about him was the fact that he was very blunt and straightforward with everything from details about a particular unit, to the real estate market in general.

I saw several units with him and with each one he was prompt as well as prepared in regards to info about the unit in question. One time, on a last minute viewing, he rearranged his schedule just to be able to make it to the viewing. His exact words were, “Well, if this is the one, we can’t pass it up”. His dedication to my home search made me feel more at ease in looking for a place, and his unending patience made me feel comfortable emailing him with questions that he promptly replied to, often within the hour.

Jason’s also a veteran negotiator, and he proved himself when we went to look at a unit that I instantly fell in love with. Not wanting me to buy strictly on emotion, Jason asked me several questions that helped him determine objectively if the unit met my needs as well as my wants.

We decided to put down an offer that night and he said the unit was “priced right”, which made me think that the listing price would be more or less what I would pay. But when we spoke a few hours later, he told me that he had done research on the building, as well as called the listing agent to get a feel of the situation, and we put in an offer that was lower than what I thought we would go in with. I was a bit nervous but Jason reassured me that this was a tactic for bargaining and explained in detail what probably would happen.

He negotiated on my behalf into the night with the listing agent and his skills ultimately won, as the next morning, I received a fax with the final price which was an incredible deal and still astounds me as to how he negotiated it down. I’m about 6 weeks away from moving into my new home and I am beyond excited!

Jason’s professionalism, confidence, honesty, not to mention kindness, patience and negotiating skills definitely gives him an edge in the real estate world.

Through the entire process, there wasn’t a single moment where I felt that Jason wasn’t giving me all the information, or was trying influence me to buy into a larger price range in order to make a larger commission, which I felt with several other agents in the past.

I can say hands down that Jason is definitely the best agent that I’ve worked with, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a great agent that can get them a great deal! "



"Jason Gavadza is our realtor and there aren't enough wonderful things we could say about him. The fact that we were both new at home buying (this is our first house and our first house was Jason's first sale) made this experience all the more personal and exciting. Jason was very thorough in taking us through the home buying procedure step by step. He was eager to answer questions and talk us through problems. Because he is also a close friend, he was very honest with us, which I felt a stranger might not be. Jason was straight forward and did not beat around the bush when it came to the home we wanted.

My husband and I were under a great deal of pressure because I lived out of town, therefore we could only look at houses on the weekends. Also, we wanted a house that closed in June or early July so we could move in right away before our wedding in August. We were looking at homes in April, so time was limited. After looking three weekends in a row and not having any luck, we finally came upon the house we have now. We loved it and it had everything we wanted, but we were uncertain because we were afraid we hadn't looked long enough. We didn't want to settle for just anything. Jason was upfront and told us that because of our situation and having seen so many houses in such a short amount of time, we knew what we were looking for and should go with our gut feelings. We knew he was right and by the end of the third Saturday, we put in an offer and got the house! We have been in our house now for almost 7 months and we are still in love with our home.

Jason's professionalism and persuasive negotiating resulted in the price we wanted and the closing date we had hoped for. He is everything anyone could ask for in a realtor: personal yet proficient, sincere yet determined, and honest yet a friend. Without a doubt we will suggest him to our friends and family who in the future will be buying or selling their home, and we know that when we decide to sell and buy again, it will be Jason who will represent us. He has proven his qualifications and we are truly happy to have him as our realtor! "

-Vince and Bettina I


"We just wanted to drop a few lines to express our delight in dealing with Jason Gavadza. This was our first experience buying a home and we are privileged to take the time to extend our appreciation for the great job done by Jason and are proud to formally acknowledge the excellence in performance, whether it be to answer questions or offer suggestions. Our telephone calls and emails were answered very promptly and we were kept up to date on any information required. He made us feel very comfortable from the get go.

We decided to work with JG & Bernie after we attended the First Time Home Buyer Workshop. We were highly impressed with the honesty displayed in their presentation. It was a very informative seminar and our first step into the home buying process.

We love our new home and would highly recommend Jason to any prospective home buyer!!! This is what makes them "one of a kind"!!

Jason your commitment and dedication is much appreciated, and again we wish to offer you our warmest thanks.

Regards, "

-Avral & Selwyn F





    I just wanted to let you know how happy I am in my new condo! My real estate representative, Bernie Gavadza, got me the best deal in Toronto! I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the city in a lovely bright one bedroom condo.

    I live at Queens Quay, something that I never imagined could be mine. When we went to view the property Bernie knew instantly this was what I had been looking for, a large patio, a good sized entertainment area, 24hr security and there was so much light coming in through lots of windows. Bernie made some inquiries and we took a plan of action. She suggested that as another offer had been put on it that day, and that I had found my dream condo at an already low price, that I just give them the asking price, and as I knew I would have no difficulty with the financing we did not make the offer conditional on financing.

    The owner lives in the Yukon and communication was quite difficult but Bernie kept calling me with the latest until the offer was accepted. I now live in the most beautiful part of Toronto, fulfilling a life long dream to live by the water.

    On a personal note I would also like to say what a lovely person Bernie is, she is warm and I instantly took to her, knowing that she was looking out for my best interests. Bernie has a standing invitation to join me on the patio and hope she takes me up on it. If I ever hear of anyone looking or thinking of looking for a new home, I mention her name. I trust her.

    Warm regards to everyone, "

-Janet B

    "Bernie was AMAZING ... and I wasn't the only one who thought so; every time a friend/family member would come out with us to look at some of my choices, they too would request Bernie's number for future purchases!!

    First, Bernie made me feel extremely comfortable from the moment I met her for the consultation; I felt like she was an old friend and as a result, I was much more open with her than I would have been otherwise. At the same time, she was very articulate, informative and focussed. Never did she allow the friendship to turn into a "flaky" search, something which did happen before.

    She was able to make me understand everything that was to be anticipated so that there was never a surprise - from the search to the close. As a result, everything, the entire experience, ran very smoothly and I actually found home buying to be fun and not the stressor that everyone makes it out to be.

    She also ensured that I had all the information possible with respect to choices, alternatives, strategies, and the "why" behind any ideas she had. While I was indecisive, Bernie always stayed focussed and thereby brought me back to focus too.

    Without her I don't know that I would've bought the perfect place for me as I kept on second-guessing my original wish list and kept on compromising on my wants as I would lose my focus after looking at so many places for so long. However, with Bernie by my side, I was gently guided back to my original desires/goals each and every time I strayed.

    Yet I NEVER felt like she was telling me what to do or what to think; she was always willing to do whatever I wanted but she would also bring me back to my goals! As a result I have found the utmost perfect home and every time I walk into that home I feel like it is a dream come true. In fact it is still surreal that I actually live there, let alone own the place! "

-Lily R


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